I've worked in other places in the wedding/creative industry and learned quickly that there are two types of people here: people who are in it to make money and keep their knowledge (read wealth) to themselves and ones who keep the ladder the down for the next person. 

I want to be the latter with the ladder. Now I have in no way made it to the top but what I have learned is there are things that us small business owners need help with that we can do ourselves but don't take the time to do in the beginning and then don't have time to do in the busy season. 

I firmly believe that sharing is caring and that kindness isn't weakness.

I am a nerd when it comes to the backend of business, the behind-the-scenes. There isn't an event I have gone to where I haven't heard of an area that someone is struggling with in their own business and I had a tool to help them. 

So if you're struggling with one of these areas, I want to help! 
- Client Management System
- Workflows
- Social Media Planning
- Email Management

Are you writing a new email response to every inquiry or copy and pasting an old email? Are you drowning in emails trying to find something from a particular client? Are you wasting time curating instagram posts?

I want to help.